The Homestead Oven

gluten-free sourdough bread, pizza & more

The Bread

Our gluten-free bread is made with a blend organic grains, including millet, buckwheat, oat and brown rice, as well as other flours (organic as much as possible), depending on the loaf. With an ear to the seasons and customer requests, we may add different herbs, spices, fruits and seeds to create a variety of both traditional and unique flavors.

We stone-mill all of our grains, fresh for each week of baking. Using fresh stone-milled grain preserves as much of the nutritional benefits as possible, and creates the most flavorful flour one can get. It also offers the possibility of sourcing grains directly from local farmers, supporting our local community and economy.

Each loaf is naturally leavened with our trusty sourdough culture, which has been trained over the years to impart a satisfying depth of flavor with mild acidity (sourness). All good naturally leavened bread starts with a well cared-for starter, and it only gets better with time.

All our bread is baked in a Rofco stone bread oven. These ovens are designed and made in Belgium, and are an absolute joy to work with. The stone baking surfaces and fully enclosed, radiant heat helps the bread rise to its greatest potential.

The end result of our workday is a flavorful, hearty, wholegrain loaf of gluten-free bread that stays fresh for days. If you won’t finish it in a day or two, it can easily be sliced and refrigerated or frozen for storage.

We are also constantly experimenting with new creations, such as pizza dough, bagels, pastries, seasonal jams and more, sharing these new inspirations at the local markets (when possible).

As the Homestead Oven is just getting fired up, our bread is baked fresh and available at several farmers markets and local grocers, as well as a limited amount of shipping orders every week. Please visit Order Here for more information.

Our allergen statement and full ingredients list for each loaf are listed here: Ingredients List