The Homestead Oven

gluten-free sourdough bread, pizza & more

Next week we will be announcing the restart of pizza night on Friday nights. Sign-up below to start receiving the bakery’s weekly updates including the breads and pizzas available each week.

Goat cheese & arugula

All pizzas are 8″ square Sicilian-style (thicker crust), topped with our house-made, fire-roasted tomato sauce. Most of our ingredients are organic, and sourced locally as much as possible, with vegan cheese options available. We will be expanding the menu as we grow, so feel free to suggest any toppings you’d like to see!

All pizzas must be pre-ordered and all pickups will be at at a specific time slot on Fridays. There are a limited amount of pizzas available each week, so don’t wait! Follow the link and select the ‘pickup’ option:

HOLIDAY UPDATE: We will be out of the bakery on Friday, July 5th, but will return for pizza night on the 19th.