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Our trusted sourdough starter is now available for those wanting to start their own sourdough journey. The fresh starter is dehydrated, packaged and refrigerated at the peak of it’s activity, without any added fillers.

We feed our starter organic, certified gluten-free brown rice, and we suggest you do the same. It may still work with other flour types, though we cannot guarantee how effective it will be. Brown rice starters have proven to be the most stable and reliable of all the grains we have tried.

Each packet will be enough to begin a new starter, with some left over in case you run into trouble. Packages of 15g are $9, shipped anywhere.

Shipping day is Wednesday, so all orders taken taken throughout the week will be shipped out then. You will receive a confirmation email when it has been shipped. Thank you so much!

You will find our sourdough starter in our Etsy shop here:

How to use you new packet of starter

When you receive your new starter, please read and follow the instructions found here: Starting Your Starter