The Homestead Oven

gluten-free sourdough bread, pizza & more

Join us every Saturday for gluten-free, Sicilian-style pizza! We will be serving from 10am-2pm, by-the-slice or whole.

All pizzas are 8″ square Sicilian-style (thicker crust), topped with our house-made, fire-roasted tomato sauce. Most of our ingredients are organic, and sourced locally as much as possible, with vegan cheese options available.

If you want to enjoy our pizza by the slice, feel free to stop in from 10am-2pm on Saturdays. If you want to order a whole pizza (or several), please follow the link below, and select Pickup to place your order. Pickup windows are available between 10am and 12pm. Ordering is live until Friday morning @10am.

Order now!